The KTM Motohall shop is opening its doors!

Our KTM Motohall shop is open - under observance of all the necessary safety precautions. The exhibition area of the KTM Motohall will remain closed until further notice.


The KTM Motohall Retro and KTM PowerWear collection allows all riders and motorsport enthusiasts to gear up and look as READY TO RACE as possible even away from the road, track, or trail. The Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Lifestyle collection and the KTM Motohall Brandbook complete the product range.

Still searching for that perfect present? Then look no further than a KTM Motohall gift card!


Highlights of the KTM Motohall Retro collection

The decorative magnets depicting the historic KTM Apfelbeck, the KTM Comet, the legendary KTM Pony, and Austrian Motocross legend Heinz Kinigadner make great souvenirs for any age group and will delight every collector. 

Retro shirts
1988's most modern single-cylinder engine opened the door for KTM to enter the performance race in the SOS class. The SOUND OF SINGLES (SOS) shirt is reminiscent of the ultra-light, ultra-strong, and also ultra-vibrating LC4 engine with the Road Race chassis from that era. In 1967, the off-road KTM Penton Six Days arrived on the market. The PENTON VINTAGE TEE recalls the design of an eight-liter Motocross model by Erich Trunkenpolz, the son of KTM's founder, and the American John Penton.


Visitors can enter the KTM Motohall shop directly via the KTM Motohall main entrance.

Opening hours:
Wednesday to Sunday 
10:00 am – 3:00 pm


Conduct in the shop
Our employees will be taking extra care to ensure that there is a maximum of 1 person per 20 m² in the shop. The minimum distance of one meter to other people must be observed. We will also be providing hand sanitizing stations at the shop entrance. All customers must wear a face mask covering the nose and mouth. We recommend paying with a debit or credit card.