What will happen tomorrow? What is already possible today? Visionaries big and small from the age of 6 and above can experience the future first-hand in our workshops (booking required) – and can even help to shape it with the aid of cutting-edge technology. KTM Motohall is offering additional workshop dates on Wednesday, 19th and Thursday, 20th february during the semester break. Welcome to tomorrow – in the KTM Motohall Innovation Lab!

Discover the Latest Technology from Station to Station: In the Innovation Lab, you can learn all about the latest design and production processes as well as the advanced tools involved in a fun and entertaining way. These include different design software, using laser cutters to cut and engrave, and fascinating 3D printers, which turn digital models into physical objects.

Learning by Doing: We can help you explore the basics of electronics, programming, and digital design, leaving you with nothing to fear from modern technology. All you need is a sense of curiosity and leave the rest to us! We make learning fun so you can just get going.



Bringing a Bike Headlight to Life!

Soldering board, soldering iron, and a dose of motivation – not much more is needed to bring the display and headlights of your motorbike soldering board to life! All you have to do is correctly connect the motorbike components to the board. At the end you leave with a unique experience, unexpected insights into the thrilling world of motorcycle engineering, and a cool motorbike soldering board to take home with you.

Recommended for children & young people from the age of 10

Duration: approx. 2 hours

Workshop size: max. 6 children / young people

Entry fee: €16.00 (per child inclusive of materials, supervision & free entry in the exhibition)



Join Us and Create Cool Bikes with a 3-D-Doodler!

Oh yeah – we doodle! Every child can draw, but have you ever drawn a 3-D object that you can touch before? Well, at this workshop, you can do just that. Using 3-D pens you can draw with melted plastic instead of ink. Join us and design a three-dimensional motorbike which you can then take home with you!

Recommended for children aged 6-10

Duration: approx. 2 hours

Workshop size: max. 8 children

Entry fee: €16.00 (per child inclusive of materials, supervision & free entry in the exhibition)


Regular Dates: Friday 2pm – 4pm |  Saturday 11am – 1pm | Sunday 11am – 1pm, dates are changing weekly,  booking required
Find the tickets and dates for the soldering- & doodle workshop here! Or book your workshop by sending an e-mail to: info.motohall@ktm.com or give a call +43 7742 6000 1953.