On your marks! On the Rookie-Tour, youngsters take a rally through the KTM Motohall, passing simulators, checkpoints, and their favorite riders. Children and young people have the chance to try out the latest technologies in the Innovation Lab. The motto is don't just look, but experience.


Are you ready for an interactive adventure? Then let's make your visit even more unforgettable! Our young heroes have the chance to go on a mission and explore the KTM Motohall in an innovative, playful, and entertaining way. The Rookie-Tour takes our littlest visitors to different stations with simulators and checkpoints, giving them an insight into the world of KTM through fascinating facts and figures. There's a chance to design a motorcycle and to take a victory photo on the KTM podium. Throughout all levels of the exhibition, the little champions get to explore and experience the world of KTM for themselves, accompanied by a booklet that they can take home as a memento.

Workshops in the Innovation Lab

Have you ever wondered how motorcycles are manufactured? It is time to find out! In the Innovation Lab, the next generation of champions can learn all about the different design and production processes first hand through play. The KTM Motohall Innovation Lab is packed with cutting edge equipment such as a design and CAD software, a 3-D scanner, a 3-D printer, a laser cutter, and a Virtual Reality station. At the end you leave with a unique experience and unexpected insights into the thrilling world of design, technology, and production. Dates and Tickets for your Soldering- or Doodle-Workshop you will find directly at Tickets or book your workshop by sending an e-mail to: or give a call +43 7742 6000 1953.


Arrange an unforgettable experience for you and your classmates! With guided tours for students up to the age of 16, you - the champions of tomorrow - can experience the KTM Motohall like no other. Embark on an exciting Rookie-Tour through the KTM Motohall, solving challenging tasks as you pass 14 checkpoints on your way to taking your rightful places on the KTM winner's podium. Our interactive exhibition boasts countless objects to be discovered by you and our professional guides. A highlight of your trip will surely be the exclusive workshop in our KTM Motohall Innovation Lab!


Have you ever wondered how motorcycles are manufactured? It is time to find out! Discover the design process from sketch to finished product as our guides lead you through the three levels of our exhibition. Find out more about the heart of every motorcycle on our engine table. Videos and interactive displays illustrate all the technical details. In addition to a fascinating horsepower talk with our mechanic and their team, an exclusive workshop in our KTM Motohall Innovation Lab awaits you in the basement. Book your exclusive guided tour and workshop by sending an e-mail to: